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Precision Exterior Contractors looks to recruit highly-motivated, dedicated and driven individuals who want to learn and grow with our company. Working at Precision Exterior Contractors is an enriching experience and has a rewarding career. As an employee / family owned company, Precision Exterior Contractors is a collaborative employer where employees are empowered to take leadership roles through their entire career. We offer excellent training, benefits, the opportunity to build character, and a driven and promising environment. Whether you’re a recent graduate, beginner or an industry vet, you will find a home at Precision Exterior Contractors. Learn more about what drives us here at Precision Exterior Contractors on our company page. 


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Employee / Family Owned
As an family / employee owned company, each member of Precision Exterior Contractors team shares in every success, and plays an important role in the company and its values
Project Diversity
Most to all of Precision Exterior Contractor’s projects are unique. Our diverse portfolio of projects and services gives employees the opportunity to consistently execute new challenges and task.
Flexible Career
Precision Exterior Contractor’s employees have the opportunity to work in every part of the company, gaining experience that will enhance their knowledge and allow them to dictate their own career choices.


We provide on the job cross-training to extra hours in the field and environment.  Precision Exterior Contractors ensures that every employee becomes an industry expert. Training is a very important aspect of becoming a asset and benefit.

Careers at Precision Exterior Contractors



To apply you have two of the following options. You can download the application and submit it via mail, person or email. Or you can use the form on the employment application page to apply directly on our website.

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